Monday, September 28, 2009

We made it

After a day and a half on planes, we finally are in Zambia. We have a great God-given team - Kelly, an ER doc, her mom Mary Ann, a physical therapist, Patty, who does massage and yoga, and Paul, an ICU nurse. Today we will be visiting Cure International Hospital - an American hospital of surgeons who fix congenital defects of little ones out here - I am sure you have seen the Smile Train ads which help fund them. We just had a 2 yr old Samfyan treated for spina bifida 2 wks ago and I heard she is doing great - prayers for Bupe and her parents.
We are in store for a 9 hour van ride across country today to get to our final destination - Samfya. I heard most of the potholes were repaired - you thought Chicago potholes were tough, these can swallow up vans - my butt will let you know how they did repairing them.
Tomorrow we will start working - thanks for all your prayers and support. Keep my two little ones in your prayers as they try to keep an I on my mom.

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