Sunday, October 24, 2010

We are on our way!

We are on our way. We are presently sitting in the airport at DC waiting for our long flight to Africa - "our we there yet?!?!" So far so good. Valerie is keeping us on track having memorized the itinerary, Kirsten has her laughter and enthusiasm going, Becky and I have left all our nervousness back on previous trips - which may not be a good thing, but we are going with the flow. Pray for a safe voyage for all of us (and our bags!) and that we will be reunited with our Zambian friends tomorrow night. We arrive in Johannesberg in about 19 hours - hopefully the ambien works! Then have about 1 hour to hit our next flight up to Lusaka, Zambia - arriving 9PM local time (7 hrs ahead of Chitown time). Take care of things here while we are gone.

Friday, October 8, 2010

OUR NEXT MEDICAL MISSION TEAM IS SET! God again has His way of bringing these teams together. Global Connections next team to Zambia for medical work has come together finally after much searching. On the right is Kirsten, a recent medical school graduate who had a year off for unforeseen reasons answered our call at the last minute and completed our team. Next, Valerie is an ER nurse, also will be on her first overseas mission. And last besides myself is Becky. This will be Becky's third trip; she is a pediatric Advance Practice Nurse who just revels in taking care of the little ones in the village. We will be spending all of our time in Samfya, and recently met up with Heather, a Willow Creeker who just got back from spending the last year in Samfya working with the home based care program. We gave Kirsten and Valerie a crash course in Zambian culture, with a little Bemba language and Zambian dress codes thrown in. In the meantime, hundreds of eye glasses have come in to bring out again and Heather helped us think of things to prepare for on this next journey. We leave October 24th for 2 weeks, Mark and Carmen will be our hosts again. Pray for safety and that God will bless this trip with fruitfulness and success. Stay tuned, more updates will be coming from Zambia, as long as the internet and electricity work out there. Lesa omepale (God Bless), Mike