Sunday, October 24, 2010

We are on our way!

We are on our way. We are presently sitting in the airport at DC waiting for our long flight to Africa - "our we there yet?!?!" So far so good. Valerie is keeping us on track having memorized the itinerary, Kirsten has her laughter and enthusiasm going, Becky and I have left all our nervousness back on previous trips - which may not be a good thing, but we are going with the flow. Pray for a safe voyage for all of us (and our bags!) and that we will be reunited with our Zambian friends tomorrow night. We arrive in Johannesberg in about 19 hours - hopefully the ambien works! Then have about 1 hour to hit our next flight up to Lusaka, Zambia - arriving 9PM local time (7 hrs ahead of Chitown time). Take care of things here while we are gone.

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Mary Jo said...

will be following you online and in prayer! safe healthy travel! mjoxoxo