Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Samuchinwe Massage Group

Today I was able to meet up with Gabriel, Irene, and Davies who have been trained over the years by physical and massage therapist and have started a small business, Samuchinwe Massage and Physiotherapy Group.  They are seeing about 40 patients a quarter, usually at their home.  Through kind donations from Africa Hope Mission, we were able to professionalize their look a little more!  I met a client of theirs earlier in the day who had back of the head and neck pain.  He had never had a massage in his entire life and at first thought Gabriel was going to "Pop my head off!"   But after he was done the pain was gone and he said he felt "angelic."  They also described a patient we saw in the fall for their practical exam, Jeremiah, who had a severe stroke when we saw them in the fall.  Though they tried to encourage him to go seek further medical attention, the family never did and he sadly passed away recently.  So goes life in Zambia....sad.

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