Friday, October 9, 2009

Here is Pastor Andrew. He is a gentle God-driven spirit who has done remarkable things in this poor area of Mpatamato. Andrew and his wife, Patricia, a dynamo of a woman who is a nurse and raised 6 kids, started the Mpatamato project around 1997, and now they have a great job training program for orphans, teaching them auto mechanics, sewing, cooking, and hospitality, along with a home based care program following about 1500 HIV/AIDs clients in their homes, including 89 homes where kids are caring for kids, 14-18 yr olds caring for younger siblings. He also is a pastor and tries to get other churches in the area working together for the area. They also run a clinic, and that is where we worked for the last 2 days, seeing a lot of their sick home-based care clients and supplying meds here. God has led Pastor Andrew on an amazing journey, and after receiving a book from someone in Global Connections on "If Jesus was Mayor" he ran for mayor of Luanshya and won. We got to visit him in his mayor suite, the coolest place in town, with antelope skulls on the wall, and proudly showed us his mayor medallion. He is trying to use God power in government - prayers needed!

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