Friday, October 2, 2009

Samfyan Eves

During the day we work hard in the clinic or hut calls, but in the evening we have relaxed well African style. Last night we had a dinner under this full moon on this bluff overlooking this gorgeous lake. Mark and Carmen are some of God's awesome people. They made this lovely dinner for us with an awesome dessert with Zambian tea and we stayed out there for hours laughing, telling stories, and singing. Paul was able to use Carmen's guitar and remembered lots of songs from the 70's including Mark's favorite, John Denver. Some of us even saw this bright shooting star that fell out of the sky. Believe it or not, not a lot of bugs out these nights - it is the end of the dry season.
I just got back from hut calls - saw some of the poorest people I have seen since coming, many without any way to get food, many sick with HIV and unfortunately because of how the government hospital runs things here - running out of meds alot which will mean they will only get sicker and the HIV will get stronger here. We will be working on ways to prevent it, including working with Heather, a young Willow Creek volunteer right out of college who will be here for the next year. Despite how much we put into this place, so, so much more needs to be done.
Will try to keep you posted as I can - internet access is sketchy out here.
Lesa omepale (God Bless) Mike

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