Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We made it and are settled into a beautiful new lodge right on the shore of this gorgeous lake. It is amazing the stark contrast with the beauty of this place and the extreme poverty. This place would be packed with motor boats and beach goers if this was in the state, except for the crocodiles!
Julie started in on teaching therapy to 4 locals, refreshing what they learned last time and they love it. Heather and Courtney are two young Chicago-area girls who are here 1 year, and are both doing amazing things with the Home Care Program, the micro-loans, and an after school program. We set up things to start the eye glasses and they are drooling at the bit to get them - should be interesting how that goes - thanks all who helped with that. Our team took a tour and got introduced to all the locals. It is fun to be back. Tomorrow the real work starts - and I think most of us our over our jet lag and sore butts with the long ride. All our healthy and looking forward to a great week.
Lesa omepale (God Bless)


Karen said...

Nice to hear you all arrived safely!

Lois said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories. Hi especially to Andrea from her Auntie Lois. We are thinking of you and praying for you all the time. The kids are excited to play with Zoe tomorrow! Love, Auntie Lois