Saturday, April 10, 2010

Out to Africa

Muleshani my friends,
Packed and ready to go tomorrow back to Samfya. We had an awesome response to the eye glass project and I am bringing about 400 pairs of eyeglasses to help the village see along with the lens set that can determine their presciption - should be fun! Many thanks go out to my friend Deb who had the eyeglasses prepped at her shop, to my friend and supporter Frank along with my volleyball friends who brought in tons of glasses, along with my friend Greg who showed me how to use the lens set - we will see how good of a student, then teacher I am. Julie will also help. Andrea and Joe are also ready to do some teaching for the home care volunteers. Unfortunately, Joan had some last second problems that were unavoidable no matter how much she tried and she will not be making this trip - maybe next one. Prayers out to Joan.
I will be shotting back pics when I can, though the next 3 days will be spent travelling - I have lots of reading material - pray for safe journeys.
Talk to you soon. Mike

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