Monday, November 1, 2010

Working hard

Hi friends - sorry have not been able to blog recently - poor electricity and working hard. We arrived safely in Samfya last week and have been busy, busy, busy. Two of us do hut calls and two of us work in the clinic from 8:30 til 5. In the clinic we have seen more people for health issues and more for eye glasses than any other team I have seen. This morning two of us saw about 60 locals including this woman with her daughter and granddaughter - this little one had a fever of 104 with malaria. There has been an outbreak of measles here, combined with the heat - in the 90s everyday, the end of dry season meaning crops are low, hot, dry, dust all over, and lots of bush fires creating a situation where every0ne is sick. God is giving us strength to work hard, encouraged by the good people here. Half way through though we already are running out of glasses. Local health care is also falling down - the local clinic has not had a shipment of medicines for 3 months. Continue to pray with us, for us, for the Zambians.

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