Monday, November 1, 2010

Bats for halloween

Over the weekend we did get a break and visited a game park a few hours a way. So while you all were trick and treating, we were off seeing REAL bats. This picture is just a little taste of what we really saw -= all those dots in the sky are huge tan-colored fruit bats and in October-November of each year they migrate to this park by the millions. They filled the skies with this eerie screeching, like the flying monkey scene from Wizard of Oz. We climbed up into the trees and would see thousands all clustered together on a single branch, branches breaking because of the weight, like ugly foxes with wings. This is the largest mammal migration in the world and a once in a lifetime sight - quite amazing. The park also had various antelope and we did get to seen a herd of elephant running off through the woods, though too fast to catch on film. The crunching of the trees as they ran through this in a cloud of dust was spectacular. Happy halloween!

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