Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yesterday we got to take a boat ride out to one of the islands on this lake, Mbabala Island.  It was a smaller motor boat so took us 2 1/2 hours each way but we made it safely along with some carpenters. There are about 4000 islanders on isolated out here and during the rainy season the roof blew off their school.  Mark's uncle donated monye for its repair and local carpenters are helping put a roof on the school kids classes.  On this island is a rural clinic where Edward, a clinical officer, tries hard to keep the islanders healthy.  He just does not get alot of meds and there is problems with clean water and malaria out here.  We were able to see 50 sick people in a few hours out there to help and gave Edward lots of encouragement.  We could have stayed longer but wanted to make it back before it got dark.  This is a shot of the sunset over Samfya right before we made it home.

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