Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hi all, heading back to Samfya in a few days with another medical team, looking for your prayers.  Holly will be coming for her fourth time, finally bringing her husband Greg, an anesthesiologist, who will be helping to teach some tricks to the surgeon, Dr. Lushiku, at the new Samfya Hospital.  Becky will be coming for her 5th or 6th time to help take care of the kids.  And we have a newby, Sneha, a family practice doctor who will be able to help out everywhere.  Things are doing pretty well in the main town of Samfya, so we plan to spend more time in some of the outskirting rural areas including one of the islands, where the need is huge.  Pray for our safe journey and for God's guidance in all we do.  Blessings, Mike

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