Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hi all!  Back in Samfya with another medical team.  Weather hot, Mark and Carmen pictured here on either side of their daughter Lily are awesome hosts.  Our team is a great one - in front is Becky here for her 5th time, to her left is Dr. Greg Porter, a newby, an anesthesiologist, in the middle of the couch is his wife, Holly, on her 4th trip, and to Holly's left is another newby - Dr. Sneha Chacko, a family practice doc.  We got here a few days ago, took a long 13 hour bus ride into town from the capitol, and started working day one.  Even though today was mainly a meet and greet day, Greg, Holly, and Sneha jumped right in helping the local doc with an emergency C section.  If it was not for Greg checking in on the baby who was not breathing when she came out, the baby may not have survived!  Then in the afternoon we saw 15 patients on hut calls and in the clinic.  Your prayers are much welcomed for the rest of our journey.

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