Thursday, October 23, 2014

Today we visited the rural village of Kaishe.  Here Becky is playing with the of the many local kids, with Charles in red who is trying to lead the way to care for the orphans and poor in this town.  He was an orphan himself and feels called, even against all odds, to help.  There are about 200 orphans and an extra
200 vulnerable children who lost one parent in this community of about 8000 very poor folks about 70 miles from the town of Samfya.  There nearest clinic of any kind is 13 km away, the great majority of the children we saw here are malnourished, given that this village has lived mainly on fish but that business is slowly dying as the swamp is fished out.  Charles has a vision of how to help and sustain growth through farms, education,and health care.  He does need some support though to do this.  Especially prayers!

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