Thursday, July 16, 2015

Here are Hudson's chicks - he purchased 80 chicks who were 2 days old and need to feed them and keep them warm at least 21 days before they can sell them - the bigger they are the more they make.  But someone needs to refill the charcoal warmers you see hanging on the right of the pic every 2-3 hrs so they will not freeze, especially throughout the night.  Hudson was the one doing it the niught before so he was a bit tuckered out but still raring to go.  He ultimately would like to get an incubator to raise his own chicks from eggs, but this will take stable electricity - a rarity around here.  It would be the only hatchery in the whole province if he could do it.  He also is finishing his piggery which will bring in more income, along with his fish farm, which so impressed the Chinese fisheries program that they gave him feed to help!  He is hoping to grow soy and corn along with other crops like pineapple, sugar cane, and other things on his farm.  He hopes to have the farm going this rainy season better so that by next year he can have his grade 1-4 school built on his farm and start kids coming there by January of 2017.  Awesome!

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