Monday, July 6, 2015

Hi all, been an exciting year - Africa Hope Mission has taken off - some of us Willow Creekers along with Carmen from Samfya have created our own non-profit - Africa Hope Mission - to raise support for Hope, Health, and Education in impovershed parts of Africa.  Our first kick-off party raised funds for Hudaga - a school and feeding center for orphans outside of Samfya which is being built by our friend Hudson.  We have raised over 3/4 of the total 3 year funds for his project and he has started building the farm and walls of the school already!  My son Drew and myself are heading back there today to help and see what else needs to be done.  We will be staying at Mark and Carmen's house in Samfya for 2 weeks having fun and working hard.  I will try to keep everyone posted as we go along - prayers welcomed!.  Blessings, Mike and Drew

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