Friday, July 17, 2015

Drew and I had a very fruitful trip.  This was more of a discover trip for Africa Hope Mission and it was very fruitful.  Instead of seeing a lot of patients, we rolled up our sleeves and did a lot of relationship building.  Here we are fitting doors for the pig farm.  There is a lot of work to do in the outskirts of Samfya, not enough non-profit organizations to help.  Mark and Carmen are amazing God-driven people leading the way, a model to all, though they will admit that they have not figured it out totally.  These communities are so different it is impossible to come up with one model, though any way you can build a relationship with them, as many of the leaders as possible, empowering them to grow themselves is a start, using Christ as the model for serving.  You have to go with the flow and it definitely takes time, at least 6-8 years, to see change.  It is culture change for these people, change from generations of doing life one way.  it takes everyone, it takes kids growing up empowered to change the next generation.  And lots of prayer!  Today is our last day here this time, we are starting our journey home but heading to South Luangya national park.  I do know we will continue to see Hudaga's project go through as long as Hudson keeps on pushing forward.  We will see where else God leads Africa Hope Mission.  Follow our journey on

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