Tuesday, July 14, 2015

We had a great meeting with the community of Kaishe today.  Here I am with Charles in the middle with the hat who is overseeing the Kaishe Orphan Association surrounded by many of the headsmen and Church leaders of Kaishe.  We met to try to discover the problems in their community and come up with solutions that we can work together on solving.  They came up with an impressive plan and we start by trying to form boards to show unity.  One of the big problems is that this traditionally has been a fishing village where the men will take their family away from school and the community for months on end to go into the swamp to fish.  They are finally realizing most of the fish are gone and they will not be able to survive if they continue this.  They want to learn about farming methods now - a huge culture change.  This will take time though and lots of prayers

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