Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Back in Samfya for 2016!  Nala and Lily are growing up.  We are back staying with Mark and Carmen who are raising their two girls up Zambian.  They are both on a Zambian swim club and doing well.  Look out Zambian Olympic team!  We got in last night, October 10th, Mary came with, an occupational therapist who now is on Africa Hope Mission's board.  It has been a while since I have been here, almost 15 months, which is the longest stretch since I started coming in 2006.  Things keep on improving in the main town of Samfya.  There are new lodges in town and a thriving economy now.  Most foundations have been properly "put out of business" here, which is good.  Now the goal is to help the surrounding villages who are struggling.  Our goal this trip is to visit the programs we are supporting along with the kids we are supporting for college.  First will be Hudaga - the school for orphans being built by Hudson.  We fully funded this project already, the pre-school is opened and we will see how far he is on his grade school.  Then we will visit Kaishe, where we are working with Bright Hope New Zealand to try to foster some growth there.  We have funded a leadership discipleship training program for Church and community leaders, mainly to get them working on the same page in a Christ-centered way to help their flock.   We will also be looking at potential property for a future hospice/clinic, exploring how to work with local health care in the community.  So far we have been welcomed back in Samfya, though it is very hot, in the 90's, dusty, and smokey.  Please pray for our safety on our journeys and help for us to see with God's eyes, hear with God's ears, and feel with God's heart as we try to figure out how Africa Hope Mission can help the most here.

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