Saturday, October 22, 2016

After a two day journey driving from Samfya to Lusaka, the capital, to begin our trek back home, we met up with Shadrick at one of the new malls in Lusaka.  Shadrick Puta is a young man from Samfya with the dream of being a clinical officer (like a physician's assistant in the states) to help the people in the rural village.  He was one of the kids supported through high school from his church, the Assembly of God, from SCCP and is forever thankful for the opportunity.  Though both of his parents are alive, they are both elderly, father 70, mother 65, and he is the youngest of 9.  4 of his siblings past away, likely of HIV, and that is why he was designated as vulnerable by his Church for this support.  He did well in high school and always liked science.  He knew from God that he was to learn how to help his people with healthcare, but had little ways to figure out how.  He was accepted into school for clinical officer but had no money to go.  He spent 3 years living with his brother selling CDs on the street to try to save up to go to school for healthcare, praying that this will get him through it.  He only had enough savings for the first semester, out of total of 6 semesters over 3 years.  He was able to spend his 6 week clinical time though in Samfya working along side Dr. Lushiku, the doctor we had worked with over the years at Samya Hospital.  Through his church and Dr. Lushiku, he connected with Carmen who thought of our Africa Hope Mission scholarship program.  With references from Dr. Lushiku and his pastor, along with verbal recommendations from leaders from SCCP we  agreed to support him for the rest of his schooling.  God has put it on his heart to work back in the rural areas of Samfya and he is dedicated to learning as much as he can.  So far he is doing very well in school, getting As and Bs at Kafue Institute, living there on his own at this private school about a 12 hour drive from his home in Samfya, where his parents are very proud.

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