Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Today we visited Hudaga.  The pre-school seen above with Hudson is done, just some final touch-ups.  They had to re-do the toilets to accomodate the 15 students they had so they had to temporarily suspend classes but hope to restart in January for the first of three terms.  They go 3 months thoughout the year with 1 month breaks in between terms.   It is a beautiful place complete with a kitchen for feeding the kids lunch, offices and a room for a teacher to sleep.  His goal is to have daycare for babies 3-4 years old, middle years of 4-5, then pre-schoolers 5-6, max allowed is 25 per year.  Mary was able to bring crayons, games, and other things for the kids.  We spent the day finalizing financing especially how to create income generating projects for self-sustaining this project.

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