Friday, October 14, 2016

Hudaga pre-school is almost 100% finished, a few little glitches though but we were able to work through them with Hudson.  He has to build 3 proper toilets instead of the pit toilets he currently has and needs to get a city water line with a water tank.  This should all be ready for next term which starts in January.  We focused the rest of the time on helping him develop a plan to get the income generating programs going for the next phase, which will be grade 1 through 4 which will be out on his farm 10km away.  Hudson has been quite enthusiastic on these programs.  He has an incubator where he will be able to take freshly laid chicken eggs and either sell the 1 day old chicks to others to raise which will save him on feed, or raise them himself for meat.  Either way should work, especially since he has the only incubator in the whole province.  Also on the farm, his fish ponds are going though he continually is learning how to make them bigger, realizing he will need to build more ponds to seperate the sizes of fish.  His best program seems to be the piggery, where he has raised 6 pigs up so far, selling 2 of them at about 80 kgs in weight.  He has quite a system in place to shovel out the pig poop into channels under the door and down into a pit where he will use this for fertilizer and his fish ponds.  He is also growing the maize, soy, and sunflower seed along with sugar cane used to make the pig slop.  He is looking to raise ducks, fruit and greens, all to generate income and also to feed the orphans. Here we have a face only a mother pig could love!

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