Thursday, October 20, 2016

All in all, Samfya has come a long way from when we first starting coming.  The town has brand new paved roads with curbs and drainage ditches.  Economy is growing, more shops appear all the time.  There is are new town markets.  Most churches in town are doing well and SCCP has pretty much put itself out of business for the town and is now working out in more rural villages with partner churches.  The new hospital is up and running, even the old run down stage 2 clinic is looking a little better and is mainly for out patient care.  Trainees for health are coming through the hospital regularly, more higher paid employees are here too.  More cars are on the road, HIV stigma has been relieved in most areas, there is another brand new gas station.  There even is a brand new very big luxurious lodge almost completed on the shores of the lake up the road.  Ten years has made a huge difference here, it is hard to recognize the old Samfya.  Challenges remain but God has been good so far.  Now the needs are more in the rural villages, which are not so far away!

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