Monday, October 17, 2016

Cephas (pronounced Ki fas), the tall one in black, is surrounded by his family in his village home of Kaishe.  He is one of the few motivated young men who is trying to improve himself so he can come back and help this very poor community.  He is the eldest of 7 kids but his home includes many others, his aunts' and uncles' families who remain in this same community are considered within his family.  In fact when we meet him he introduced us to 3 mothers and 3 fathers!  He did identify his biological mother, here in the yellow shirt near the middle, but her sisters were also his mother.  His father's brothers are also considered his father, and many times the eldest of these brothers has more influence over the kids in the village than their own father, which has its pluses and minuses.  He was motivated by the leaders in his Brethren Christian Church to improve himself and he spent a year after graduating from his local high school in the Samfya Bible College and then was able to get support for his first year at the Theological University in Ndola.  This is a three year program but he could not get support for his remaining years until he got connected to Africa Hope Mission.  With recommendations from his church and the Bible College, Africa Hope MIssion is sponsoring his remaining time at the university, with the goal of having him come back and work with the Bible College in rural villages like Kaishe.  Hopefully he will be a valuable asset to help this community come out of extreme poverty, with God's blessing.

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