Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Today we had a nice visit with Terrence and his mother Jennifer.
Terrence is one of the new pre-school students at Hudaga.  He is one of the many vulnerable kids in the town of Samfya.  His father is not around, Jennifer is ill herself and has been living in a "group home" outside the hospital for 17 years now.  She struggles to raise her two smallest kids, Terrence and a younger girl who is 6.  Jennifer is 49 years old, has had 10 kids, 5 have passed away.  Her younger girl got sponsored by one of the hospital workers to get into first grade; Terrence has not been able to get to school.  Hudson took him into Hudaga for pre-school to get him started and says he is very enthusiastic to learn.  Terrence's favorite subject is math, likes to play soccer, and his favorite color is black!  He has an enthusiastic smile and an outgoing energy.  His mother is also very happy her son is now getting an education.   His goal is to become a doctor!  Please shower them with prayers!

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